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Salmon noodles with rice 【Seafood Grilled · Raw Lamb / Mutton etc all 5 types Genghis Khan 100 minutes all-you-can-drink plan】

Salmon noodles with rice 【Seafood Grilled · Raw Lamb / Mutton etc all 5 types Genghis Khan 100 minutes all-you-can-drink plan】

By using a coupon4500 yen

【Tax included】 Elementary school students half price

  • 1200persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    Hokkaido Limited Sapporo Classic Tallow and Strong Carbonated Highball, Lemon Sour, Cocktail, Soft Drinks etc Content Enrichment / + Ebisu Barrels, Ebisu Black Otaru, Taxi Wine, Local wine, Earth Shochu with + 500 yen

All you can eat seafood! All you can eat grilled seafood! Our sticking commitment "Raw lamb (Australia's lake view high-quality safe raw lamb used)" and mothers who have nostalgic "Mutton Roll", Soaked in special sauce "flavored lamb", " Pork "," Chicken "all five kinds Genghis Khan and Rice are all you can eat.In addition, Hokkaido Limited Sapporo Classic You can drink as much as you can drink this price!


■ Seafood Grill (All you can eat)

= Shrimp, scallop, squid

■ Raw Genghis Khan (All you can eat)

= Australian lake view

Use high quality and safe raw ram

■ Flavored rumjin gijskan (all you can eat)

= Immersed in special sauce sagure overnight

Soft tailoring Ram Jin Giskan

■ Muton Roll · Genghis Khan (All you can eat)

= A nostalgic lamb for the Hokkaido people.

Compared to rum, there is reasonable litter of lamb

I'm happy for Genghis Khan fans Mutton

■ Tonjisukan (all you can eat)

= Pickled pickle in its own pickled sesame sauce

Soft-tailored soaked overnight

Original swine Genghis Khan

■ Tridiscan (All you can eat)

= Marinated with Special Sauce Sauce

Tailored toppings onion leafy tailoring

Original chicken Genghis Khan

Grilled vegetables (all you can eat)

= Cabbage mainly made in Hokkaido,

Onion, carrot, green pepper, potatoes, etc.

※ The season will change the origin of each vegetable

■ Rice (all you can eat)

= Hokkaido brand "Natsunobashi"

Rice cooked plumply

☆ Salmon noodles (served for the number of people)


Commitment of sauce

Homemade sauce used in our shop

Use plenty of flavored vegetables

Blended citrus and seasoning

It is a rich taste.

Besides lamb, beef and pork

Sauce is also good compatibility.

All-you-can-drink menu

Sapporo Classic Tarusei
· Shochu / sweet shochu / wheat distilled spirit / oolong hi / green tea high ※ You can choose a way to drink such as rock · water splitting.
· Lemon sour / lime sour / grapefruit sour / kiwi sour / pine sour / man plum sour
- Cold sake / hot sake
· Tris High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Cork High Ball / Yuzhay Ball / Ringo High Ball / Momo High Ball / Kiwi High Ball / Pine High Ball / Strawberry High Ball / Yubari Mellon High Ball / Hokkaido Hask Cup High Ball / Ome Hi Ball
· Mojito / Shandigerugu / Gin tonic / Jinbac / Mosccommure / screwdriver / bulldog / cassisoda / cassis orange / cassis grapefruit / cassis oolong / cassis pine / apple ginger / apple orange / fuzzy guest / peach grapefruit / peach oolong / peach pine
· Glass wine (red · white) / Operator / Kitty / Wine cooler / Kiwi Splitzer
·Fruit wine
· Ume alcohol / Yuzu / apple sake / Momo sake * You can choose a way to drink, such as rock and water split.
·Soft drink
· Coca · Cola / Ginger Ale / Orange Juice / Grapefruit Juice / Pine Juice / Calpis / Oolong Tea / Green Tea
· 【+500 yen drink】
· Ebisu barrel / Ebisu black ointment / Tokachi wine (red · white) / Otaru wine (red · white) / local sake (beauty of Susukino · country rare · man of mountain · north of wins) / shochu district (Kitari, Okuwakuro · Koishin Tan · Konbu Shochu) / Kozue Tan's Plum wine
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